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I have been in love with skateboarding since the mid 80's.

I have stayed up all night, thinking of what to do the next day or tricks to try.

I watched videos on VHS and wondered how these dudes just have fun and create these tricks. H-street videos made me shovel the sidewalk in Winter, just so I could skate after school.

Still to this day, I follow some of these old ways. Maybe not shoveling , but definitely making something out of nothing to just skate.

Here is where the shirt comes in.

After all these years in this , and especially after I helped judge a contest , I was watching skatecoaches come to life and yell or talk down to their kids. Telling them , they have to do better if they want to win and Little Johnny is not suppose to be in this division , so we should ignore his skating and in the next few years, you will see my son in X Games blah blah blah.

This one thing I love , is getting ruined by these boneheads. You are being such a skatejock and not focusing on why they chose to skate. Why we just do it, because we don't want to be in a SPORT.

So, as a middle finger to them, I made a small run of shirts.

They make me hate what they are doing to the one thing I have loved for almost 20 years.

Will I ever stop doing it? Nope.

Will I continue to still hate skatejocks and skatecoaches?

Yes, I fuc$ing will!

Gildan t shirt.

Super limited.